SeeGlass Big is a high quality glass enclosure parking system consisting of suspended glass sliding panels suitable for establishments that tend to have high inflow of customers like restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc.
With innovative design, refined style and absence of lower profile, SeeGlass Big parking systems sliding panels are attached to the floor using latches, therefore additional construction work is not needed. It is available in 10 mm glass thickness.

SeeGlass Big Parking system is created for installation in spaces with a copious flow of people. Top in quality, SeeGlass Big parking systems guarantee a long and maintenance free life.


With its vibrant creativity, this parking system will accompany you in furnishing your workspace or business environments across a range of endless and always custom-made solutions.


SeeGlass Big is the perfect solution to easily change the distribution of the restaurant creating separate rooms and atmospheres if required, for different kind of events as weddings, dinners, celebrations etc.


SeeGlass Big Parking systems can be used in stores, shopping centers or any kind of businesses to display products during working hours without clients having to enter to see what is being offered, as it secures the inside once everything is closed.

Interior Partition

SeeGlass Big is a functional and aesthetic option for separating interiors. With the absence of lower profile, all the panels can be moved to the side to get a complete opening.

Shopping Centers

It is ideal for shopping centers where there is a lot of traffic and doors are constantly in use. For comfortable movement of the people and also for displaying the products in the store, we recommend SeeGlass Big Parking Systems.


SeeGlass Big Parking System is designed to place its movable panels into the parking area. The absence of the lower profile helps to get a clear opening without any obstacles. The parking system with its unique set of features and performance level matches your application and transforms your place into a more functional, secure & flexible space.


Highly resistant bearings and reinforced panel fastening system.

Upper profile parking system.

Lower panel locking device.

Lower latches for panel fastening.


Simple and Double Knob

Crank Lock



Colors available:

Mostly Used Color

Standars colors


RAL Gamme

RAL 7035

RAL 7045

RAL 7046

RAL 7047

RAL 7011

RAL 9011

RAL 8014

Wooden Imitations

Golden Oak

Sapelly Caoba

Dark Walnut


Maximum measures

10mm3500mmLIMITLESS1100 mm/panel

Product certificates

All our products and components are specified to rigorous engineering standards and are tested independently to obtain accredited certificates which ensure that the highest standards are met, surpassed and maintained.


Just take a look at our catalogue for more information on different types of vertical separation, complements and available finishes Download our catalogue here.

Certification and Quality

All Kenwin products are designed, engineered, tested and have CE mark certification which ensures that the highest quality and consistency is maintained every time.


Please check our quality certificates available.


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