Make your outdoor living a lot more comfortable with Habitat HOT heaters. This specially designed infrared heater for outdoor areas utilizes the latest infrared technology to generate pleasant and constant heat zones. Habitat HOT heaters are suitable for wall mounting, ceiling mounting and for flexible positioning with tripod.
Habitat HOT outdoor heaters have a warming effect the instant the heaters are switched on. The heater with its distinctive orange glow, generate a form of infrared known as shortwave, bathing your home garden or restaurant terrace in warmth at the touch of a button.

With its modern design, high-end quality and efficient heating technology it is perfect for outdoor areas and is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for your outdoor garden, patios or terrace.



Reinvent your house’s back garden with the comfortable warmth of Habitat HOT
infrared heater. This energy saving heaters without noise and CO2 emissions overcome the challenges of heating outdoors with innovative technology, far more efficiently than convection heaters.


Keep your guests comfortable with our durable, high performing infrared heaters.
Adding Habitat HOT heater to your restaurant patio or hotel terrace will extend
your outdoor seating season.

Outdoor spaces (hotels, caffeterias)

Habitat HOT offers the perfect solution for heating enclosed outdoor spaces of your office, hotels or cafeterias. It is compact and can be integrated into most patio designs and exterior spaces that are combined with glass systems.

Integration in Pergola

Habitat HOT Heaters are the perfect solution for your bioclimatic pergola, when you are looking for shade, comfort and warmth.


White Color

Titanium Color

Anthracite Color

Available with remote control

Habitat HOT Heaters can be conveniently remote controlled with different settings to adjust the desired temperature.

Energy Efficiency

This comparison of systems clearly shows the efficiency of how our infrared heating systems work, compared to other external heating systems.
The Habitat HOT system works with infrared allogenic tubes (1400 watts). It takes advantage of 92% of the energy applied by a selective thermal dissipation. It has a total power of 2000w.


If you want more information about our heaters you can download our catalogue by clicking on this link.


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