In this section we respond to the mostly common questions asked by our potential clients before they decide to distribute our products. Our goal is to answer all possible doubts about how our company operates so the collaboration can start with a full amount of confidence from the very beginning.
Why more and more professionals and consumers show preference for SEEGLASS system?

The glass enclosure without vertical profiles SEEGLASS is designed and manufactured in Spain in accordance with current law regulations. In order to be a benchmark in both design and technology our product testing requirements are higher than those required by the EC rules in terms of privacy, insulation and safety. We are a technically, we are a leader company that offers our customers the best quality systems in the market at competitive prices. The advantages of our systems are detailed throughout this website for you to browse, if you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

What guarantee do you offer?

With the quality of our manufacturing processes we can offer a 5-year warranty on our systems, ensuring total peace of mind.

Are SEEGLASS systems adaptable to any balcony, terrace or porch?

Depends on the construction of the building or property, but normally, it is possible a 95% of the cases. SEEGLASS glazing enclosures without vertical profiles fit almost any type of building construction.

When is it not possible to glass a balcony, terrace or porch?

SEEGLASS glazing enclosures without vertical profiles cannot be fitted on a balcony with no roof, since the whole support system is suspended from the roof, so all the weight is carried on the top. The installer must examine the quality and safety of the roof of your balcony before the installation and strengthen it where necessary.

I have a balcony with a corner. Is it possible to install the glass panels without vertical profiles?

Yes! There are two ways to enclosure balconies with corners.
First: the glazing is divided into 2 sections. The glass panels join right in one corner. When you need the full opening of the panel, each section moves to each side..

Second: Glass Panels are moved round through the corner. The problem comes when the balcony has the access door on the opening side. In that case you may not be possible to move all the panels round through the corner on the same side.

Can glass panels without vertical profiles be only installed on terraces or balconies with walls?

No, they cannot be installed in any type of terrace. However, the structure requires a maximum height of 3 meters.

Why are there gaps between the glass panes ?

Gaps of about 3mm between the panels are designed for ventilation and security, to prevent the glass panels from causing the greenhouse effect. But these gaps are filled with special transparent profiles type “h” that are easy to mount / unmount depending on the season.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, both the interior and exterior sides of the panels can be cleaned from inside the balcony because all panels swoop inward to make the gap clear.

Are there any vertical profiles?

No, the system has only 2 profiles. A top frame and bottom frame.

Can a child be cut with the glass?

Tempered glass does not break easily, and if it did it would break into small fragments which would not be a serious risk of injury.

How can we prevent children from freely opening the system?

You can adapt any type of locks to the glass panel.

Can the entire system be completely opened? How does it function?

The first panel opens to the inside, and the following panels slide to the end where they fold to the inside. Push or pull the edge of the glass to help the sheet slide smoothly. This system allows a comfortable way of creating additional spaces. Also it offers a full or intermediate option opening.

Is there any possible option for the handicap access?

Frameless glazing SEEGLASS systems has al lower embedded profile option , where the lower profile is flushed into the ground what allows access across the entire opening once all the panels are opened.

Can a lock be added to the system?

Yes, and we offer 5 different options.

Will this system keep the balcony, terrace or porch warm?

It is not the system purpose to keep the temperature of the room.
A balcony, patio or porch is intended to be used in another way, although it appears that the glazing system without vertical frames SEEGLASS can absorb between 10 and 15 degrees C the outside temperature.

Is it a secure system?

Yes, the panels are tempered glass 8 and 10 mm thick. The glass thickness depends on the height and width of the panels, and the strength of wind in the area where the entire structure will be installed. Moreover, the glass panels cannot be removed from the frame profiles, unless you disassemble the entire structure.

Does the system resist to wind strength?

Our system can withstand strong winds for long periods of time. The metal fittings are screwed to the glass to prevent the panels arising under wind pressure. We use quality fittings adequate to ensure proper grip in extreme situations.

What are the standard sizes?

All our systems SEEGLASS are adapted to specified dimensions, there are no “standard sizes”.

Can I choose the width of the glass panels?

The glass panels width is directly proportional to the height of the enclosure. Each panel is 800mm width and the maximum height is 3000mm.

What is the maximum number of panels that I can have?

There is no limit to the number of panels that you can have, but it depends on the width of the panel. Generally we recommend up to 20 meters (about 14 panels in either direction).

Are the glass panels only transparent?

No. We offer a wide range of glass shades..

What profile colors are available?

The profiles are available in all colours in the RAL chart and there is also a wide range of anodized.

Can you match the existing colors of doors and windows at the point of installation ?

Absolutely. Whatever finish aluminium or wood we can offer a wide range of colour finishes.

Las hojas no se abren

Si no se abre la primera hoja, hay que dejar un hueco entre la primera y la segunda. Recomendamos dejar un hueco algo más grande entre estas dos hojas, aprox. 3 mm, para así poder abrir la hoja con más facilidad. Ver manual de instalación.

Ventilation and airtightness

Tightness: SEEGLASS glass enclosures are used for protecting against external environmental conditions (wind, rain, etc.).. The system is not fully airtight as a terrace must have enough ventilation to avoid moisture accumulation or concentration. Rain and wind can get in the terrace, so the original gutters should not be covered.

Ventilation: 1-3 mm holes in the panels are used to ventilate the conditioned space. If you want more ventilation you can open the first panel in its intermediate open position.

IMPORTANT! The glazing should not be too AIRTIGHT. Proper ventilation is required for construction materials to keep dry and therefore, in good condition. It is a basic rule for buildings good conditions.

Between the ceiling and the upper profile, and between the floor or railing and the lower profile of the system there will be small gaps and / or slots. It is normal, because the ceilings, floors, railings, walls are not completely level. Wedges are used to level the glass panels. The size of the gaps depends on the uneveness of the above elements, and are usually sealed with sealing materials. SEEGLASS glazing system should always be installed level, regardless of the unevenness of the building.

Influence of temperature

Enclosures, like many other building work react to temperature changes. The system was designed taking into account the possible expansion and it is perfectly safe and functionable.

Scratches or marks on the glass surface

The glass go through several stages of production before they are ready for installation. The tempering of the panel may generate different abstract patterns on the surface. In some cases, and seen from some angles, you can see like scratches on the glass. It’s a perfectly normal when it is tempered glass. (You can also see this on your car windows).
The packaging marks and fingerprints are removed with normal cleaning products.

The curvature of the panels

Tempered glass can show slight curvatures.

¿Se puede emplear cualquier espray de silicona para lubricar los rodamientos, piezas plásticas y los perfiles?

Los sprays y aceites de silicona normales sirven para lubricar el sistema.