Designed to regulate temperature and protect your terrace or garden from sun, wind, rain or snow, Seesky BIO Bioclimatic pergola allow you to experience special moments outdoors every day.
Seesky BIO Bioclimatic Pergolas with its simple installation and timeless design adapts to any outdoor space. It is a complete solution for protection, aesthetic design and comfort for terraces, patios or balconies in homes, hotels and restaurants.

Seesky BIO Bioclimatic Pergolas with its electronically controlled intelligent system and home automation adjust the solar shading automatically according to weather conditions.


Seesky BIO Bioclimatic Pergolas are one of the best options to create a new living space in your garden without the need for any construction work. It offers a range of different options to protect your terrace or patio. Bioclimatic Pergolas allows any establishment to expand their space and provides a high level of visual and thermal comfort.


Seesky BIO is a top of the line adornment perfect for shading house entrance. It adds an inviting touch to your verandas and converts it into a living space where you can relax and unwind after a long day.


Seesky BIO island pergola configuration when combined with our frameless glazing system make your terrace ready for best time outdoors with style and ultimate protection.

Facade Integration

Seesky BIO Bioclimatic Pergolas with its wall connection supports, adheres to the existing walls without any columns which makes it a perfect combination for the facades. It makes your façade look special and outstanding.

Frameless Glazing Systems

Seesky BIO Bioclimatic Pergolas with its safe and effortless installation can be easily combined with our variety of frameless glazing products.

Large Surface

Bioclimatic Pergolas offers a variety of possibilities. Pergolas can be combined to cover large surface without double columns for pergola union.

Create a newly usable space

This unique architectural blend helps you to maximize your usable outdoor space by adding an area for outdoor furniture that is protected from the elements.


Bioclimatic pergolas are a unique architectural blend that places you both inside and out at the same time. Adding it to your home or hotel can have many benefits.


Bioclimatic pergolas allow you to adjust the solar shading automatically and provide you ultimate protection from sun. It comes with adjustable aluminum slats that can be controlled by a remote control, smart phone, or you can program the pergola. You choose when to open or close the roof, allowing you to enjoy the sun and stay protected if you need to.


Bioclimatic pergolas helps to control the temperature naturally with the help of oriented motorized slats (45º, 90º and 135º) that allows the air to come in during summer time as they are opened, and retains the heat during winter once they remain closed.


Bioclimatic pergolas with its specially engineered roof aluminum slats can be closed on all sides. Its pipeline system with lateral columns collect the water and take the collected water to outside without entering the interior of the pergola and provide perfect protection from rain.

Bioclimatic pergola blends with any architectural style or it can be installed independently in the garden.


Bioclimatic Pergolas range from simple, streamline designs to more elaborate, complex structures. Depending on where it is installed, the Seesky-BIO can be custom made according to the customer’s needs using different variations. These configurations can be divided into 4 different groups:


Attached configuration bioclimatic pergolas are the ones which is attached to your home on one side, both sides or completely closed between walls thus eliminating the need for posts.


Island configuration bioclimatic pergolas creates a surface which can have different sizes, in which you can perform any type of activity protected from the sun and weather. This pergola is ideal to install inside the garden.


Inbetween Configuration bioclimatic pergolas are perfect for maximizing outdoor space or to create an extra space like a terrace or porch attached to your house.


Duplex Configuration allows the union of pergolas which is ideal to cover larger surfaces without intermediate pillars that prevents the panoramic vision.


There are numerous accessories that can be incorporated with seesky-BIO bioclimatic pergola to further enjoy the benefits. Let’s highlight the four most important:

Simple Regulable Support

Intergraded column for a simple installation and cable access

Highly Efficient Motor

Reinforced Regulable Support

Channaled water drainage

Motorized Aluminium Slats



Adding LED lighting to your bioclimatic pergolas can create an intimate mood throughout the night. You can choose fixed lights or light slats to add a whole new meaning to outdoor entertainment.

Integrated LED light son the inside of the slat

Mobile fixed LED lights placed inside of the slats

Perimetral LED placed all around the top of the gutter.

Other Options

It has numerous accessories that can be incorporated.

Sound integrated system allow you to listen to your favorite music with a direct radio access, USB adaptor and Bluetooth.

Rain sensor for automatic closing. Wind sensor for automatic opening due to the wind.

Seesky Bio can be combined with infrared heater habitat HOT, so you can enjoy a pleasant temperature even on very cold winter days.

Slats filled up with polystyrene for thermal and sound isolation.

Pergola control via mobile phone application for Smart phone and tablet.

6 channel remote control.

Perfect for glass enclosures

Seesky BIO bioclimatic pergolas with its innovative design allow combining any type of glass systems. This changes the entire look of your outdoor space and gives your outdoor living space a unique uplift.

Frameless galzing systems

Seeglass Frameless glazing systems provides a stunning finish to your bioclimatic pergolas. Utilizing sliding and folding panels system in your pergolas allows the entire enclosure to be slided and folded towards side walls in order to open up the space to your garden or yard.

Adjustable Windscreen

Seesky-BIO bioclimatic pergola when blended with habitat-WIN adjustable windscreen protects you from windy weather. The glass adjustable windscreen gives you the option of open terrace when the weather is nice and sunny. And if the weather is stormy you can lift the adjustable glass panels to completely cover the area which allows you to continue enjoying outdoor spaces.

Sun protection systems

Incorporating Sun protecting system Habitat-Zip with your bioclimatic pergola creates a sense of comfort and privacy without need of installing any structure that invades the inside space. Combining mosquito screen Habitat-Net with your pergola helps to protect from different kinds of insects. Aluminum lattices Habitat-Out allows you to control the entrance of sun rays inside while adding elegant and exclusive design to your pergola.

Bioclimatic Pergolas are available in wide variety of colors. You can choose a color adapted to your needs and environment where you want to install the pergola


Seesky-BIO bioclimatic pergola has different finishes in Lacquered (RAL) colors and wooden effect. It can be chosen according to the customers’ needs.

Mostly Used Color

White (standard color)


Nature color (is the most requested by customers)




RAL 7035

RAL 8014

RAL 7016


RAL 7011

RAL 9016


It is possible to choose a color for the structure and another color for the slats. The option most requested by customers is RAL 9011 Matt for structure and slats in white.


The resistance was one of the most important values to the product of Kenwin at the pergola Seesky BIO development team. For this reason, we worked on a completely new design that offers resistance against wind, rain or snow.

Certification and Quality


All our systems and components are designed by our engineers under a strict quality control and made in Spain.


Seesky brand products fulfill international regulations as Qualanod, Qualideco and Qualicoat processes in powder coating treatments.

CE Certificate

Seeglass Brand has a CE certificate available for our products where we are certifying the production process as well as providing all the certificates needed.


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