Innovation and Trust

The professionalism of the team at C3 Systems, allow us to meet the technological advances in production, quality and respect for the environment, achieving customer provide new and better solutions.

Our commitment to improving the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the company permits us to move forward without limits.

Our R&D department consists of a team of highly qualified engineers, who constantly studying and analyzing market trends, develop important research and product innovation.

We give priority to quality first, and this attitude is reflected in both the raw materials and the technology used in our production processes. Our commitment is to develop new products and improve existing ones.

INNOVATION and QUALITY are therefore key aspects on which turns the entire research, development and production, offering our clients the level and the requirement that they deserve.


The CE marking is one of the most important tools of the European Union to guarantee the free circulation and commercialization of products among its Member States, ensuring at the same time that these comply with current legislation.

The CE marking is the process by which the manufacturer informs the users and competent authorities that the goods marketed comply with the mandatory legislation on essential requirements. The European Parliament drafts the directives with these requirements. Specifically in our case, Regulation No. 305/2011 establishes the harmonized conditions for the commercialization of construction products.

The presence of the CE marking on the product means that the manufacturer has declared a series of benefits for its product, which it transfers to the market through a document called Declaration of Benefits (*), and which assumes the responsibility of having carried out the requirements established by the Regulation and to comply with the harmonized standard for each product.
In our case, this standard is UNE EN 14351 – 1: 2006, and the requirements are the realization of initial tests of type and elaboration of technical product sheets and production control manuals in the factory.

For all these reasons, C3 SystemS, S.L. facilitates in this website, a complete documentation so that you can check the adequacy of our systems to the requirements of the CE Marking, and that allows us to identify the product with the “CE Label”.

C3 SystemS, S.L. recommends that you NOT ACQUIRE products that are not properly identified with CE Marking or products from which they can not verify the original documentation necessary to ratify compliance with the mandatory legislation on essential requirements.


Seeglass Brand certificate available for our products where we are certifying the production process as well as providing all the certificates needed.


List of tests carried on Seeglass components:


Warranty certificates Seeglass systems:

Online Confidance Mark

OnLine Confidence Mark is used for distinguishing companies which assure transparency, security and trust while navigating and purchasing on our website.

By obtaining this mark, C3 SystemS compromises to promote the right usage of internet by joining eOnline Confidence association and fulfilling the ethical code.